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Santoni London

Santoni Londen

Where to shop in London for Santoni? In this blog post you will find out where the physical stores are and what you can expect.

Santoni stores in London

Fortunately there are two Santoni stores in London, so there is something to compare. Of these two Harrods is the most luxurious. The department store itself is worth a visit on it's own, but now we focus on their Santoni collection. Count on a collection consisting of classic models such as buckle shoes and penny loafers. Their range of exclusive croco shoes is special. For more mainstream Santoni's you're in the right place at Selfridges & Co. They seem to be targeting a wider audience with more common models.

Harrods London

87-135 Brompton Road
London, SW1X 7XL
Website Harrods

Selfridges & Co London

400 Oxford Street
London, W1A 1AB
Website Selfridges & Co

Tips for Santoni shopping in London

Durable soles are characteristic for Santoni. Their Goodyear technique ensures their most luxurious sole. Without a mention you probably have a different quality sole. Still their Blake method is very good. A less expensive technique to apply, which is reflected in the selling prices. Finally, it is good to know that not every shoe color has a matching belt. Sometimes they exist but aren't popular and available in the store.

Shopped successfully for Santoni shoes in London?

Visiting two stores is sometimes not enough to succeed. This may be because the correct model is not there, or your size or color is missing. It is then convenient to continue your search online. Our website has a complete range of Santoni shoes to choose from, including accessories such as belts and bags. Do you find Santoni's online that you didn't see in London? Discover it and see the differences. Vousten Shoes delivers to London. But delivery at a location other than in LDN is also possible, worldwide.

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