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Santoni New York City


What Santoni stores are there in New York City? And what can you expect when you visit? In this blog post you can read where the Santoni stores are in New York and what to look out for.

Santoni stores in New York City

At the moment there seems to be only one Santoni store in New York. The brand itself, Santoni, has its own boutique on 625 Madison Avenue. You will find shoes and accessories for men and women in the Santoni store. Shopping in Santoni's flagship store has two advantages. They are the first to sell new and sometimes exclusive models to see how consumers react to them. The second advantage is the luxury shopping experience because much attention has been spend to the design.

Santoni Store New York

625 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Website Santoni NY

Santoni shopping tips in New York City

Santoni is known for its durable soles. The most luxurious sole is made with the Goodyear technique. You can recognize the application at the bottom of the sole. Their you can see the word Goodyear in small letters. Is there no mention? Then you might look at a sole based on the Blake manufacturing method. This is a less expensive technique and that is reflected in the lower selling prices. Pay attention to the color of the shoes whether there is a matching belt, so you can avoid disappointment afterwards.

Shopped successfully for Santoni shoes in New York?

It is not always possible to find what you are looking for. For example, you may not find the right model or size in New York. If this is the case you can continue your search online. On our website you will find a complete range of Santoni shoes and accessories such as belts and bags. Which Santoni's can you find online but not in New York? View the options. Vousten Shoes delivers worldwide, including in New York City. But delivery to another location is also possible.

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