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Santoni shoes: the basis for a stylish outfit

Santoni shoes are the basis for each outfit because we all know how important a stylish outfit is. But often shoes are only seen as one of the elements we do not have to spend too much attention on. Santoni, however, proves that a classy shoe is exactly what any fashion conscious person needs. The shoes offer of the Italian brand is therefore expanded. One thing is certain: with these Santoni shoes at the foot, the look is more than complete on every occasion.

Shoes that stands out from anything else

Santoni knows how to meet the requirements of a classic yet stylish shoe with the Biagino, where the carefully decorated shoe tip and the transition from dark brown to a slightly lighter shade represent the word 'style' as it were. The orange finish on the inside of the shoe and the dark heel only adds value. The Santoni Concetto also uses that subtle, but important color transition. The back of the shoe is even, which has a lacquered appearance that makes the leather straight. The striking contrast with the already engraved shoe tip brings balance and ensures a shoe to stop you.

Santoni, because women also want some

Of course, stylish footwear is equally important for women to get a complete outfit. The Santoni Angelina combines the typical Louboutin look with the appearance of a diva worth a diva, and is therefore recommended for any woman who is not enough at just a high heel. The braid pattern under the shoe opening and the bright red lining adds a little more relief and living in the brewery. Less may be more, Santoni Fiorella is something else: these sturdy but classy boots symbolize the perfect balance between cool and chic thanks to the leather finish with subtle color change and the long 'boat' that imparts a Western look .

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