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Santoni Shoes

Santoni Victor (39133)
€ 650,00
Santoni Jaro (39038)
€ 570,00
Santoni Timo (39039)
€ 570,00
Santoni Livio (39037)
€ 570,00
Santoni Theonio Re-Order (11269)
€ 890,00
Santoni Teo Re-Order (36808)
€ 890,00
Santoni Gabriel (39006)
€ 590,00
Santoni Camil (38995)
€ 650,00
Santoni Alvin (38994)
€ 590,00
Santoni Falco (38996)
€ 590,00
Santoni Jovin (38997)
€ 650,00
Santoni Sebas (38803)
€ 819,95

Santoni shoes for a complete look

Did you know that Vousten Shoes is an official partner of Santoni? Santoni proves that Italian men's shoes are exactly what every fashion-conscious man needs. The extensive collection mainly consists of classic lace-up and buckle shoes. In addition to the classic versions, the range also includes contemporary Santoni loafers, Santoni boots and Santoni sneakers. Santoni stands for quality, which is noticeable and visible when you look closely at Santoni shoes or when you wear them. Santoni even goes that far to manually select the leather for the shoes. In addition to shoes, Santoni also sells matching accessories, such as Santoni belts and Santoni bags. One thing is certain: with Santoni shoes your appearance is more than complete on every occasion.

The establishment of Santoni

Santoni was founded in 1975 by Andrea and Rosa Santoni. Santoni has started a shoe studio, with the aim of creating perfect shoes for connoisseurs and lovers of quality products. From the start, all Santoni men's shoes were only produced in their own workshop. The current Santoni factory, located in Corridonia in the province of Macerata, covers more than 15,000 square meters. Since the start of Santoni, the factory and headquarters have been located in this town. Corridonia is also the birthplace of Andrea Santoni. The unique thing about Santoni is that, despite several takeover attempts, the company is still fully owned by the Santoni family. Santoni can proudly call itself a family business that has achieved great success.

The production methods of Santoni

Santoni uses different methods to make the high-quality footwear for men and women. Techniques used by Santoni include the Blake stitch method, the Goodyear method, the Bologna method, the Tubular method and the Bentivegna method. Each type of shoe is made in his own way, taking into account the type of leather, the shape of the shoes and other important factors. 

What is the Blake stitch method?

With the Blake stitch method the outsole is sewn directly onto the insole. This creates more flexibility and a lighter shoe. The creation method is named after its creator: Lyman Reed Blake. 

What is the Goodyear manufacturing method?

The Goodyear method was invented by August Destroyer and patented by Charles Goodyear Jr. It is a very labour intensive but extremely reliable way to make shoes of the highest quality. With the Goodyear method the Santoni craftsman fills the cavity between the insole and the midsole with cork. Then the edge is sewn onto the sole and midsole with a so-called Rapid seam.

The advantage of the Goodyear method is that the shoes will last a long time and provide a high water resistance. On Santoni shoes it is mentioned when the shoes are made using the Goodyear method. Read more about the Goodyear method in our blog.

Exclusive Santoni men's shoes at Vousten Shoes

Santoni has proven to make exclusive shoes of unprecedented quality for years. An excellent example is the application of the Goodyear technique, which guarantees a highly durable sole. A less expensive alternative is the Blake manufacturing method which is frequently used. All models are handmade and beautifully finished by Santoni. You can recognize their craftsmanship by the manually patinated Santoni men's shoes. Transitions from, for example, dark brown to a slightly lighter shade are stylishly realized. The orange finish on the inside of the shoe and the dark heel add more value. All Limited Edition versions also use this subtle but important color transition. The back of the shoes are smooth, which gives it a lacquered appearance that does justice to the leather. The striking contrast with the finely engraved shoe tip brings balance and ensures a stylish shoe to say the least.

The most complete Santoni shoes collection

In our Santoni webshop you will find stylish shoes for both men and women. The fit of the footwear is standard to roomy. We stock over 200 different models in every size. The outside of the Santoni shoe is usually made of leather or suede, although you will sometimes encounter high-tech nylon with Santoni sneakers. At Vousten Shoes you can compare and order all models of Santoni. Note the subtle details that make the difference. For example, some buckle shoes have a toe cap or wing tip in nocturne. This gives the nose a slight edge. Furthermore, some Santoni boots have no closure, something you normally only see with loafers. Santoni shoes are a sustainable investment, regardless of the model.


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