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Santoni Lace-up and Buckle Shoes

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Santoni lace-up shoes and buckle shoes

The shoes that started it all for Santoni, the classic lace-up and buckle shoes. When founder Andrea Santoni started his own design studio in 1975, he only produced lace-up shoes and buckle shoes according to the old Italian tradition. These shoes are still the flagship of Santoni today. The lace-up and buckle shoes that are now made still exude the same luxury and quality.

Where are Santoni lace and buckle shoes made?

Since the beginning, when Andrea Santoni opened his own studio, the shoes have been made in the village of Corridonia. In this village of just under 5,000 inhabitants, there is now a factory of no less than 15,000 square meters. Apart from the fact that the place of production has changed, the process and quality remain the same. This goes as far as checking the shoes with a magnifying glass for errors in the leather.

Where does the leather of the Santoni buckle and lace shoes come from?

The most important part of Santoni's shoes is the leather. For that reason, Santoni strives to use the highest quality leather for their shoes. The leather is also one of the aspects that sets Santoni apart from other shoe brands.

Pink calves between 1 and 2 years old roam the high alpine pastures. These calves live on the pasture day and night, which means they have to deal with enormous temperature differences. For example, it can easily tap 25 degrees during the day, while the temperature can easily drop below freezing at night. Because of these temperature differences, the Pink calves develop a very strong and tight skin. In addition, the calves eat food that the Alpine pasture has to offer. So they are not fed. Calves that are fed often end up in a growth spurt, which ensures that the calves grow faster and their skin is stretched faster. The disadvantage of this is that the veins in their skin open up and the pores enlarge. Leather from calf skin that has entered a growth spurt is therefore of very low quality. Pink calves therefore develop a beautiful tight skin, with closed veins and small pores. This is reflected in the quality of the Santoni shoes.

Range of Santoni shoes

In addition to the classic lace-up shoes and buckle shoes, the Santoni collection has expanded enormously over the years. For example, Santoni sneakers are made and partnerships are entered into with other companies. A good example of this is the Santoni AMG collection. A collaboration between Santoni and the car brand Mercedes AMG. In addition, Santoni has also been publishing a Santoni women's shoe collection for almost 10 years.

Santoni collectie at Vousten

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Santoni leather types

About calf leather, heifer leather, suede and exotic leather types

Santoni Theonio Re-Order (11269)
€ 890,00
Santoni Teo Re-Order (36808)
€ 890,00
Santoni Tabe black (38261)
€ 619,95
Santoni Tabe brown (38262)
€ 619,95
santoni tabe (38258)
€ 619,95
Santoni Jelte (37354)
€ 620,00
Santoni Alejo (36717)
€ 969,00
Santoni Amador (36720)
€ 699,95
Santoni blue black (33475)
€ 1 015,00
Santoni Massimo (32696)
€ 749,95
Santoni Ciro II (32652)
€ 729,95
Santoni Elario (31732)
€ 779,00

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