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Santoni Belt


Matching Santoni belts

Santoni belts are made from the highest quality leather and fit perfectly with your Santoni shoes like the Santoni Loafers. It is an indispensable accessory for creating a touch of elegance with your shoes. The straps are all easily adjustable with the metal buckle so that they fit well around your waist. In addition, all belts are made by hand and checked with the naked eye. This way Santoni can always guarantee the highest quality.

Not all Santoni belts that we have in stock are visible online. Do you have Santoni shoes but you do not see a matching belt? Because we have more belts in stock, we can always offer a matching belt. Feel free to contact us with a photo of your shoes. Then we can look for a belt that matches your shoes in terms of color and shape.

The leather of the Santoni belts

The leather of a Santoni belt is made from Pink calves. A Pink is a cow calf about 1 year old. The calves graze in the Alps at an altitude of around 1,600 meters. This specific height is also the secret behind the high quality leather.

The temperatures in the Alps can fluctuate greatly within a day. Sometimes from around 25 during the day to just below freezing during the night. Due to these temperature differences, the Pink calf develops a very firm skin with a strong structure, while the leather remains thin and supple. In addition, the calves are not stressed because they can graze freely on the meadows of the Alps and are therefore not fed. When calves are supplied, they often end up in a growth spurt, which in turn is detrimental to the quality of the skin.

Official partner Santoni

Vousten Shoes is an official Santoni partner, which means we can almost always offer fast delivery. We also have warehouses in Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and the United States.

In addition to belts, we also sell Santoni sneakers, Santoni boots, Santoni bags and various Santoni women's shoes.

Brunello belt soft blue  (35113)
€ 289,95
Brunello belt soft nero (35112)
€ 289,95
Brunello belt soft brown (35111)
€ 289,95
Santoni Belt Leather (31733)
€ 149,95
Santoni Belt Leather (370)
€ 339,95

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