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Santoni Women's Shoes


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The history of Santoni women's shoes

The Santoni ladies' shoes are known for their luxurious appearance and quality. Since the establishment of Santoni in 1975, the shoes have been made by hand by a select group of professionals, while the processes remain authentic. This is reflected in the quality and the characteristic Italian appearance of the shoes.

After 20 years of working for other brands, Andrea Santoni and his wife Rosa decided about 50 years ago to set up their own shoe brand. Their goal was to make luxury shoes of top quality, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Italian craftsmanship. In addition, Andrea and Rosa were of the opinion that the shoes should only be manufactured in their own workshop in order to guarantee the high quality.

Initially, Andrea Santoni and his wife were at the helm of the brand for a long time. These days it is his son Giuseppe who has given the brand a worldwide iconic status and has further developed the brand. Successful further development. Where initially only formal shoes for men and women were made by hand, the range under the leadership of Giuseppe has expanded enormously. Already in the 90s he saw the need for luxurious and stylish casual shoes, including Santoni sneakers and women's shoes. Designing and making informal shoes, however, requires a different approach and knowledge. The challenge was therefore considerable: to maintain the design and quality Santoni is known for at the highest level for both men's and women's lines.

Production of Santoni women's shoes

Shoes of Santoni are made with great love and attention every day in the factory in Corridonia, a small town in the center of Italy. The process by which the shoes are made remains authentic and the shoes only come onto the market if they meet the strict requirements set by Santoni. It even goes so far that the leather is viewed with a magnifying glass or the quality is in order.

The wish of Andrea Santoni to keep the production of the shoes in-house is an important principle to guarantee absolute quality. The brand refuses to relocate production to other countries.

Where Andrea and his wife Rosa initially worked in a small workshop, the brand now has around 300 employees and a 15,000 square meter plant in use. Just over a thousand shoes are made by hand in this factory every day.

Outside the factory, the Santoni brand has a number of exclusive mono stores and uses selected partners throughout the world. Vousten Shoes is one of the largest official partners of the Santoni brand, whereby we have a large stock of Santoni men's shoes and shoes for women.

Santoni women's shoes range

The Santoni women's collection is a tribute to the contemporary woman who exudes class, elegance and refined style. The shoes are ideal for the woman who opts for a luxurious and distinctive style, where the accuracy of the shapes are clearly visible through craftsmanship.

Our range of Santoni women's shoes consists of different models, all of which are immediately available. The Santoni boots for women have an easy closure and high quality leather, whereby the boot fits perfectly around your feet. Thanks to its luxurious appearance you can put on the shoes for both formal and informal occasions. Do you want slightly smaller boots? Then the Santoni ankle boots for women are a wonderful option. These ankle boots exude luxury and quality, so you can wear them for any occasion.

If you want to fit the shoes, you are very welcome in our store in Schijndel. While enjoying a cup of coffee, we can discuss what your wishes are and go through the range together. If you place an order online, our customer service is ready for you. The shoes are usually shipped worldwide within 24 hours.

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