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Santoni Bags


Elegant and handmade Santoni bags

Do you want to make a tasteful fashion statement? Complete your style with a Santoni bag. The bags are made by hand and of the highest quality leather. Within the luxury fashion world, Santoni is known for its elegance and Italian craftsmanship. Vousten Mode is an official Santoni partner and owns one of the largest stocks of Santoni shoes and Santoni accessories.

The Santoni leather

One of the spearheads / features of Santoni is the high quality leather from which the shoes, bags, belts and other products are made. The leather that Santoni uses comes from Pinken calves. These are relatively young calves from one to two years old that graze freely on the plains of the Alps. Their living environment makes a huge contribution to the quality of their skin. Because the temperatures in the Alps can fluctuate enormously, the Pink calves develop a robust and very clean skin.

No supplementary feeding

The Pink calves are not fed with chunks. All this benefits the quality of the skin. Many calves in the Netherlands, for example, are fed with chunks containing growth hormones. These hormones make the calves grow faster and make them mature more quickly. The consequences for the quality of the skin of these calves is disastrous.

Because the Pink calves are not fed, they develop high quality skin. This is characterized by the high degree of flexibility, structure and flawlessness. The calves are individually selected by Santoni. Would you like to know more about Santoni's leather? Read our blog about the story behind Santoni's leather.

Complete Santoni collection

In addition to elegant and high quality bags, you will also find stylish Santoni men's shoes, Santoni women's shoes and accessories such as matching Santoni belts in our webshop. Through our partnership with Santoni, we have over 200 different models in stock, which we can deliver to your home or work the next day.

Do you have a bag or shoes in mind, but would you rather buy them later? With us you can reserve shoes and accessories for 1 week. All Santoni shoes and accessories are sent to you by registered and insured mail.

Santoni shoulder bag (36923)
€ 950,00
Santoni backpack (35980)
€ 2 300,00
Santoni backpack (35975)
€ 1 950,00
Santoni backpack (35976)
€ 1 950,00
Santoni Weekender donkerbruin (35973)
€ 2 300,00
Santoni Weekender donkerbruin (35981)
€ 2 400,00
Santoni document/computer bag zwart (35974)
€ 1 950,00
Santoni doucment/computer bag donkerbruin (35977)
€ 1 950,00
Santoni Rethink backpack (33476)
€ 1 350,00
Santoni Overnight Case (31748)
€ 1 395,00
Santoni Office Bag two colors Blue / Brown (29675)
€ 1 800,00
Santoni Office Bag two colours Brown / Cognac (29676)
€ 1 800,00

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