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Santoni AMG Sneakers


Santoni and AMG collaboration

Santoni AMG sneakers are the result of an exclusive collaboration between Santoni and the Mercedes AMG car brand. The result is a completely new range of shoes, combining the worlds of sport and leisure.

AMG Sneakers

The Santoni and AMG sneakers are a combination of high fashion awareness and luxury lifestyle with specific cool details and comfort. All AMG sneakers are characterized by their materials: hand-painted Pink calf leather and elegant suede. The black and metallic look of the sneakers refers to the dynamic designs of car and motorcycle racing. Each sneaker has hand-stitched details and hand-dyed leather, which means that all Santoni sneakers represent ultimate quality. Thanks to the rubber soles among other things, the Santoni AMG shoes have a lot of comfort.

Santoni and AMG

Santoni and AMG have been partners for a long time and have a lot in common. Both companies share the same passion. To bundle these worlds, both companies released a joint collection of sneakers and racing shoes in 2005, which were approved by the FIA.

Just like AMG, the international success story of the exclusive Italian label Santoni began in 1975 as a small shoe workshop. The brands represent two worlds that have a lot in common: handmade perfection, highest quality and attention to detail. The result, where the luxury style of Santoni comes together with the tough Drive Performance of AMG, is just amazing.

Santoni and Vousten Shoes

Vousten Shoes has been one of Santoni's largest partners worldwide for years. Due to our long-term partnership, we have a large stock. Because of this we can almost always guarantee a fast delivery.

Our Santoni collection includes Santoni Loafers, Santoni belts, Santoni bags, Santoni boots and more. All sizes are shown in UK sizes, so it is important to see which size you need. With our handy Santoni size guide you can easily see which size suits you best.

Santoni AMG Lewis blue (38285)
€ 690,00
Santoni AMG Lewis Black (38286)
€ 690,00
Santoni Enzo (31863)
€ 449,95

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