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Santoni size guide


Choose the right size for your Santoni shoes

A Santoni size guide is very useful for choosing the right size for your Santoni shoes. When you buy new shoes online you cannot fit them in advance. In addition, the same sizes are not always used. This can cause confusion when giving shoe sizes that apply to the United Kingdom or the United States. Fortunately, with a Santoni size guide you can easily compare different sizes.

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Different shoe sizes are used in different countries. Santoni uses the sizes from the United Kingdom as standard. These are indicated as UK sizes. This can be very confusing and unclear for Dutch and other European customers. The confusion arises because UK sizes do not resemble the EU sizes that we are used to in the Netherlands. To be sure that you always ordered the correct Santoni shoe size, we have prepared a size guide for you. In the size guide below the EU sizes, the UK sizes of Santoni and US (standard) sizes are included. Are you curious about how Santoni shoes fit and what they are made of? Look for the most frequently asked questions under the size guide.

When ordering your Santoni shoes you can easily grab this size guide and select the right size based on the size guide.

What are Santoni shoes made of?

Santoni shoes are made of high-quality leather, which Santoni critically checks to maintain the quality. The leather comes from a Pink. These are calves of around 1 year old that graze at a height of at least 1600 meters in the Alps.

Are all Santoni shoes handmade?

Yes, all Santoni shoes are made by hand. Santoni has been doing this since the first shoe they delivered. All shoes are made in 1 place, in the factory in the town of Corridonia. No less than a thousand shoes are made by hand every day. No one outside the factory in Corridonia knows how the Santoni men's shoes are made.

Santoni fully adheres to this location and will not take the shoes into production anywhere else. In fact, outside Corridonia nobody knows how to make Santoni's shoes.

How do Santoni shoes fit?

In general, Santoni shoes are slightly wider than normal. They use about half a 0.5 UK size smaller because the leather is initially a bit stiff. Unlike other leather shoes, the Santoni shoes are made of Pink leather. This type of leather is not only very sturdy but also very flexible. New Santoni shoes, just like all other shoes, need some time to form perfectly around your feet.

How can I best maintain my Santoni shoes?

Although Santoni's shoes are of high quality, these shoes also require maintenance. The maintenance of Santoni shoes is not a big job. The most important thing is that you take good care of the shoes from the start and give them attention.

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