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Santoni maintenance

Santoni onderhoud

How do you maintain Santoni shoes?

You love your new Santoni shoes and you probably want to be able to wear them for as long as possible and keep them beautiful. Santoni shoes are made by hand and of the highest quality. Although Santoni's shoes are made from the very best leather, they still need a certain amount of care. This is essential for every type of shoe and only then your shoes will retain their beauty and quality.

Whether it's Santoni women's shoes, Santoni sneakers, Santoni loafers, Santoni boots or other Santoni shoes. Regardless of brand and quality, they all need care. Keeping them clean and having it sprayed are two simple steps that should be used as standard for neatly shoes. Are you reading this article now while wearing your shoes? Take them off, give them some love and use these tips to keep your Santoni shoes beautiful for as long as possible.

What can you do to preserve the beauty of your Santoni shoes?

There are a number of maintenance methods that you can use to give your Santoni the best care.

1. Keep them clean

When you wear shoes you cannot escape the fact that they get dirty. The most important thing is therefore to keep your shoes clean. So if you clean every evening the seams and surface of your shoes a little, it would make a huge difference. As a result filthiness doesn't have the chance to bite into the leather or to remain stuck in the seams and stitching.

To ensure that the leather is not accidentally damaged, you can use dry microfibre cloths or a special Santoni shoe brush for the stubborn dirt on the sole. If you do this every night it will take you 2 to 3 minutes at the most and your shoes will stay neat and clean.

Santoni schoenborstel

In addition, you can give your shoe a kind of protective layer with special leather shoe spray. Do this regularly so that this layer stays on it.

2. Special shoe polish with beeswax

Beesway you might think? That's right. Santoni shoe polish contains beeswax and is even an important part. Thanks to the beeswax, your Santoni shoes will keep their shine. With a special emulsifier, the fats and acids of the beeswax are mixed with the water, so that no separation will take place. It is important to rub the beeswax evenly over the shoe. Let your shoes rest for a while so that everything dries well and then polish it.

Santoni schoenpoets

Depending on how often you wear the shoes, it is advisable to brush them every month with special shoe polish. If you do not wear them every day, you can also do this every other month.

3. Shoe trees

Shoe trees are sometimes forgotten but are very important in the maintenance of shoes. Thanks to these tensioners, the Santoni shoe retains its shape.

The best time to put tensioners in your shoes is just after you have worn them. The shoes are then warm and slightly damp. When you put the Santoni shoe trees in your shoes immediately after wearing them, the folds that are created are smoothed. If you do not use tensioners, the pleats will probably stay in place and become more stubborn the more you wear the shoes.
Santoni schoenspanners

Finally, it is very important to use the correct size shoe tensioner. Shoe trees that do not fit properly can seriously damage the Santoni shoes.

Do you not have a shoe tree on hand or are they all in use? As a temporary solution you can always put an old newspaper in your shoes.

4. Salt and brine traces during the winter months

During the winter period, salt and brine are regularly sprinkled and this can be a huge attack on your beautiful Santoni shoes. It is advisable to thoroughly clean your shoes at the end of the day and to remove all salt or brine residues. Grab a glass and fill it with ⅔ water and ⅓ vinegar. Gently rub your shoes with a soft cloth. Please note that you must grease your shoes again afterwards with shoe polish. Thanks to the vinegar you not only remove salt and brine, but also the layer of fat.

5. Use a shoelace

People sometimes think too easily about the consequences for not using a shoehorn. It is harmful for your shoes to put on your shoes with your finger. Over time this leaves traces and these will be clearly visible. So whenever possible, always use a shoelace to put on your shoes.

Santoni schoenlepel

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