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Santoni Shoe Care


The importance of shoe care

Every shoe should be cared for by the owner on a regular basis. Shoe care is something that in most cases is forgotten or simply not performed. Nevertheless, good shoe care is of great importance for extending the life of the Santoni shoes. Good shoe care also ensures that the shoes always look good and retain the right color. When you have purchased a few Santoni's, you do not want them to discolor over time. This is a pity about the durable and high-quality shoes that you own.

The effect of beeswax

Beeswax is an important part of taking care of Santoni's. Beeswax, unlike normal wax, has a liquid consistency. An emulsifier has been added to beeswax as shoe care, as a result of which the fatty acids from the beeswax mix with the water in the shoe polish. Without this emulsifier, the beeswax would be separated from the water. Beeswax ensures that contaminants are correctly removed from your beautiful Santoni shoes.

When using beeswax, it is important to first remove the coarse contaminants, such as mud, with a Santoni shoe brush. After removing the coarse dirt you can apply the beeswax to the leather of the Santoni shoes with a cloth. It is important that the wax is evenly distributed over the shoe. After the beeswax has dried you can polish the leather. Through the use of beeswax, the shoes then immediately regain their shine.

Santoni shoe care products

In addition to beeswax, Vousten Shoes has included various other important care products in its range. For all our care products it applies that all are produced by Santoni. For care products, just as for shoes, these are of high quality. Products that are available include a shoelace, Santoni shoe trees and Santoni shoe care boxes.


Shoe trees

The importance of shoe trees

Damage repair

How to repair scratches

Shoe maintenance

About polishing your leather shoes

Suede maintenance

Removing dust, repairing bald spots

Shoe bows

A nice horizontal bow

Santoni shoe care box deluxe
€ 2 500,00
€ 50,00
€ 45,00
Santoni beeswax shoe polish (black)
€ 35,00
Santoni beeswax shoe polish (brown)
€ 35,00
Santoni shoe cream brown
€ 35,00
Santoni shoe cream blue
€ 35,00
Santoni shoe cream neutral
€ 35,00
Santoni shoe cream tan
€ 35,00
Santoni shoe cream black
€ 35,00
Santoni borstel bruin
€ 30,00

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