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Santoni Boots


Santoni boots history

Santoni boots are handmade shoes with a luxurious look, high quality leather with an eye for the smallest details. All Santoni boots are made in the factory in the town of Corridonia.

After founder Andrea Santoni gained years of experience in a shoe factory, he decided to start his own design studio with his wife Rosa. From 1975 Santoni boots are made by hand by Andrea and Rosa with the idea to combine Italian craftsmanship with high quality shoes.

The secret behind Santoni's boots

After trying out different types of leather, Andrea Santoni found out that Pink leather is of very high quality. Pink are calves around 1 year old. These calves where Santoni uses the skins of, graze in the Alps at an altitude of over 1,600 meters. Due to the different temperatures in the Alps, the skins of these calves have a very firm structure.

Because the calves graze freely on the Alpine pasture, they only eat natural food. Calves that are fed often come in a growth spurt. Due to a growth spurt, the skin of the calves becomes less fine and the veins and pores open more. This is disastrous for the quality of the leather. Because the Pink are calves selected by Santoni they don't experience a growth spurt, so their skin is of very high quality. The veins and pores remain nicely closed and the calves are less likely to get a inflammation.

Strict inspection

Only 10% of all calf leather that reach the factory in Corridonia are actually used to manufacture the Santoni shoes. With a critical eye, every piece of skin is checked for missing parts. When you buy Santoni boots you know for sure that you purchase shoes with extremely high quality leather.

Vousten Shoes and Santoni

Santoni and Vousten Shoes have built up a long-term and lasting relationship over the years. That is why Vousten Shoes is an official Santoni partner and this is reflected in the range. We have more than 2,000 Santoni products in stock in our warehouses in Europe, Russia, Asia and the United States.

In addition to Santoni boots, we also sell Santoni women's shoes, Santoni sneakers, Santoni buckle shoes, Santoni loafers, Santoni belts and Santoni bags. To choose the right size you can consult our Santoni size guide.

Santoni Sebas (38803)
€ 819,95
Santoni Ive (38331)
€ 750,00
Santoni Epke (38287)
€ 770,00
Santoni Oek blue (38259)
€ 589,95
Santoni Nacho (36723)
€ 575,00
€ 402,50
Santoni Loreno (36718)
€ 839,95
Santoni Amador (36720)
€ 699,95
Santoni Nero Night (30013)
€ 750,00
Santoni Sesto (29711)
€ 750,00
Santoni Gianluca (29704)
€ 839,00
Santoni Sebastiano (29678)
€ 819,95
Santoni Boris (36038)
€ 795,00

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