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Santoni Winter shoes

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The story behind Santoni winter shoes.

From the founding of Santoni in 1975, all Santoni shoes, including these Santoni winter shoes, are handmade in Corridonia, a small town in the province of Macerata in bustling Italy. Santoni focuses on luxury shoes of exceptional quality combined with Italian craftsmanship. Santoni winter shoes are not just shoes, they are real craftsmanship. Santoni makes shoes from the finest materials and the process has been the same for years. Andrea Santoni, founder of Santoni, personally handcrafts all the leather for the shoes. Since the quality of the leather is subject to strict and important requirements, any deviations are carefully examined with a magnifying glass. Furthermore, the stitching of the shoes must look perfect. 

To ensure that the quality of Santoni shoes is maintained, the production process is entirely made in the Santoni l aboratorio in the town of Corridonia. They deliberately choose not to have all shoes, including these Santoni winter shoes, produced anywhere else but in their own factory. It is even so that nobody outside Corridonia knows how Santoni shoes should be manufactured. 

The range of Santoni winter shoes

Besides the Santoni sneakers, lace-ups, buckle-ups and loafers, Santoni also has winter shoes. Are you looking for shoes for wintry or rainy weather or shoes in which you can enjoy walking in the mountains? Then the Santoni winter shoes are definitely for you! Santoni winter shoes are known as mountain shoes. These winter shoes are made of top quality leather which is very suitable for sweaty feet because of the good ventilation. Besides the fact that Santoni winter shoes look beautiful they are also very comfortable. A perfect choice when you choose flexibility, sturdiness and comfort! 

The leather Santoni winter shoes are available in different models and colors. All winter shoes have a lace fastening and some also have an easy side belt or zip. In the latter case you can easily take off and put on the shoes without having to loosen or tie the laces again. Some versions of the winter shoes have a fur lining, this makes the shoe nice and comfortable and warm during cold winter days.

In addition to the stylish Santoni winter shoes you will also find matching accessories such as Santoni belts and Santoni bags in the webshop. 

Santoni winter shoes of quality

Where most big brands choose to make shoes in large quantities, Santoni chooses for handmade shoes by craftsmen. By choosing craftsmanship at Santoni you don't get shoes of which the stitching and glue come loose after a few weeks of wearing. When you choose for Santoni winter shoes you choose for quality. 

All Santoni shoes are made by hand with top quality leather that Andrea Santoni has carefully checked himself. Because Santoni winter shoes are hand made they have a good fit. Leather shoes can ventilate well and provide long-lasting comfort. These Santoni winter shoes are timeless and can last for years. In short, a durable investment that is worth it!

Wondering how to maintain your Santoni winter shoes best? Read all about how to maintain Santoni shoes here.

Santoni winter shoes at Vousten

Have you seen beautiful Santoni winter shoes? Come and visit our Vousten shop in Schijndel. We gladly help you find the right model and size of shoe. Through our partnership with Santoni we have an exceptionally large selection of Santoni shoes. We have all models and sizes in stock. Santoni uses the size guide from the United Kingdom. By using our Santoni size guide you can easily see what size you need.

Santoni Okke (38264)
€ 579,95
Santoni Lope (36724)
€ 675,00
Santoni Rayman (36719)
€ 1 179,95
Santoni Zenon (36727)
€ 715,00
Santoni Rubio (36725)
€ 645,00
Santoni Tanis (36726)
€ 715,00
Santoni Adriano (33499)
€ 595,00
Santoni Aurelio (33500)
€ 1 150,00
€ 805,00
Santoni Magar (31843)
€ 595,00
Santoni Liborio (31757)
€ 650,00
Santoni Drago (29923)
€ 1 160,00
Santoni Antonino (29709)
€ 744,95

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