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Santoni Bracelet


Santoni bag

In addition to shoes, you complete a outfit with the right accessories. In addition to the usual accessories, such as a Santoni bag or a Santoni belt, a stylish Santoni bracelet should not be missing.

The leather of the Santoni bracelet

As with the Santoni shoes and accessories, the Santoni bracelets are also made of high-quality calf leather. These calves live in the Alps and because of their habitat have a skin that is characterized by suppleness, integrity and structure. From the beginning in 1975, when Andrea Santoni opened his own studio, Santoni has been using these so-called Pink calves. Thanks to these calves and the tanning process, Santoni can always offer leather of the highest quality. It even goes so far that all leather is visually inspected for irregularities and other defects.

Would you like to know more about the leather that Santoni uses? Read in our blog about the story behind Santoni's leather.

Large collection of Santoni shoes and accessories

In addition to bracelets, we naturally sell almost all Santoni products. With more than 200 different models in stock, we have one of the largest webshop of Santoni articles. We can achieve this through our official partnership with Santoni. Over the years we have built a close relationship with Santoni and its founders.

The Santoni bracelets in our webshop are available in the colors light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black, blue and green. This makes them a perfect match for your Santoni classics, Santoni sneakers, Santoni loafers or Santoni women's shoes. The available sizes are XS (19 cm), S (20 cm), M (21 cm), L (22 cm) and XL (23 cm).

Santoni Bracelet Yellow
€ 119,95
Santoni Bracelet Green
€ 119,95
Santoni Bracelet Black
€ 119,95
Santoni Bracelet Dark Brown
€ 119,95
Santoni Bracelet Mid Brown
€ 119,95
Santoni Bracelet Light Brown
€ 119,95

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