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Low-top Santoni sneakers

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Low-top Santoni sneakers

Low-top Santoni sneakers are fashionable sneakers with a luxurious look, ideal to wear in a slightly less casual environment. Since its foundation in 1975, they have been producing high quality Santoni shoes, combined with Italian craftsmanship.

The leather of the low Santoni sneakers

The Santoni sneakers are made of leather and high-tech nylon. The leather that Santoni uses for her sneakers comes from Pink calves. These calves live in the Alpine region. This area is known for the large temperature differences, where it can easily reach 25 ° C during the day and even around freezing at night. Due to these temperature differences, the calves develop very strong, supple and intact skin. Santoni has been using the skin of the Pink calves for years to manufacture high quality Santoni classics, Santoni loafers and Santoni women's shoes.

Santoni and sneakers

Santoni's story began in 1975 when Andrea Santoni opened her own studio in the village of Corridonia. For a long time, the focus has been on producing high-quality, formal leather shoes for men. When son Giuseppe took over the baton in the 90s, he saw the importance of neat, luxurious sneakers for more casual occasions. Over the years, Santoni has expanded this line with both neat, solid sneakers and more sporty sneakers. In addition, there have also been collaborations with AMG and IWC Schaffhausen, among others. The collaboration with AMG resulted in an extensive Santoni AMG collection.

Official partner Santoni

Vousten Shoes has built a strong bond with Santoni over the years. This has resulted in an official partnership. This allows us to always offer a wide and complete range of Santoni shoes, almost all of which are immediately available.

Santoni sneakers

Our specially colored soles

Santoni leather types

About calf leather, heifer leather, suede and exotic leather types

Santoni Harm (38288)
€ 520,00
Santoni Tibe (38257)
€ 450,00
Santoni Jelle (37348)
€ 520,00
Santoni Tibbe (37352)
€ 590,00
Santoni Douwe (37349)
€ 520,00
Santoni Fosse (37338)
€ 450,00
Santoni Jurre (37346)
€ 450,00
Santoni Melle (37351)
€ 520,00
Santoni Bauke (37344)
€ 490,00
Santoni Wide (37345)
€ 490,00
Santoni Sil (37350)
€ 520,00
Santoni Hidde (37347)
€ 450,00

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