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Santoni Men's Shoes


The history of Santoni men's shoes

Since the establishment of Santoni in 1975, the Santoni men's shoes are handmade in Italy. Santoni men's shoes are not just shoes, it is real craftsmanship. Ever since its foundation, 20 genuine artisans have been working every day in Santoni l aboratorio to make the best shoes by hand. The process of making the shoes is unchanged and the shoes have been made of the best materials since 1975. The leather that is used in the shoes is manually and personally selected by Santoni founder Andrea Santoni. Andrea Santoni even goes so far that the leather is checked with a magnifying glass to ensure that it meets the important and strict requirements that Santoni sets.

All Santoni shoes are made with expertise and the best materials, so the quality is unprecedented. Every pair of Santoni shoes that leave the factory is provided with a certificate signed by Andrea Santoni. This certificate is added to the box, so that authenticity can be immediately verified. Before packaging, the shoes are, of course, manually checked for quality. The shoes are then packed in a soft cloth.

Production of Santoni men's shoes

All Santoni shoes are made in the factory in Corridonia, a small town in the province of Macerata in Italy. Santoni fully adheres to this location and will not take the shoes into production anywhere else. In fact, outside Corridonia, nobody knows how to make Santoni's shoes. Santoni even refused to produce the shoes in other countries, even though they were asked. Every day a thousand shoes are produced in the factory, good for an annual turnover of no less than 40 million euros. Santoni is a real family business, where Giuseppe Santoni (the son of founder Andrea Santoni) is now at the helm. Andrea Santoni is still closely involved with the company today. Despite the fact that Santoni is a relatively small company with 300 employees, Santoni's shoes are sold all over the world. In addition to the factory, Santoni has several own mono stores and Santoni has partners in all continents. Vousten Shoes is an important official partner of Santoni, which means that we have the largest collection of Santoni shoes in stock.

The Santoni women's line

When founded in 1975, Santoni only focused on men's shoes. Over the years, there was also a demand for high-quality and high-quality women's shoes, which are made by hand, just like men's shoes. Due to the high demand, the Santoni family decided to expand the product line in 2005 with Santoni women's shoes. The family invested in a production line and distinctive designs. The design team, which consists of 20 passionate designers, has now designed several women's shoes. Despite the expansion of the product line, Santoni has never lost sight of what matters: the quality of the shoes. All shoes are frequently checked and quality is the most important thing.

The range of Santoni men's shoes at Vousten Shoes

Our wide range of Santoni shoes consists of more than 200 different models, which we all have in stock. We have every shoe in stock in all sizes, which means that our stock has over 2,000 pairs of men's shoes. Because of our enormously extensive stock, we have guaranteed a matching pair of shoes for you in our collection. For fitting the shoes you are welcome in our shop in Schijndel, where we can go through the assortment together while enjoying a cup of coffee. If you want to place an order online, our customer service is ready for all your questions. After placing your order, we ship the shoes worldwide within 24 hours. We will do our utmost to satisfy you at all times.

Santoni collectie at Vousten

Theo Vousten describes our collection

Santoni leather types

About calf leather, heifer leather, suede and exotic leather types

Santoni fokke orange (37355)
€ 260,00
Santoni Fokke white (37357)
€ 260,00
Santoni Fokke blue (37356)
€ 260,00
Santoni Fokke black (37358)
€ 260,00
Santoni Clooney mid brown (37353)
€ 720,00
Santoni Deen (37343)
€ 530,00
Santoni Siep (37342)
€ 520,00
Santoni Jelle (37348)
€ 520,00
Santoni Tibbe (37352)
€ 590,00
Santoni Douwe (37349)
€ 520,00
Santoni Fosse (37338)
€ 450,00
Santoni Jurre (37346)
€ 450,00

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