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Santoni Sneakers


The history of Santoni sneakers

The Santoni sneakers are known for their informal but luxurious appearance and quality. Andrea and Rosa Santoni founded their shoe design studio in 1975, with the aim of creating luxury shoes of top quality, combined with Italian craftsmanship. The shoes have always been made by hand since 1975.

After 20 years of experience, Andrea Santoni thought it was time to start his own business with his wife. He was inspired by the cultural Italian heritage of craftsmanship and style. To guarantee the quality, Santoni thought that the Santoni men's shoes should only be made in their own studio. He even went so far as to personally check all shoes with a magnifying glass. He had a perfect eye for the smallest details, such as the quality of the leather and the stitching. In addition, Andrea and Rosa were of the opinion that the shoes should only be manufactured in their own workshop in order to be able to carry out correct quality checks.

Santoni and sneakers

For several years Andrea's son, Giuseppe, has taken over the management of the company. Where it started in a small workshop, Santoni has now grown into a company with more than 400 employees. All this without losing the authenticity and way of working of the first traditional shoes. Where initially only neat and formal shoes were made by hand, the Santoni range has been expanded thanks to Giuseppe. He saw in the late 90s the importance of Santoni loafers and informal Santoni sneakers that exude luxury and quality. Santoni women's shoes have also been designed and produced for a few years now.

Founder Andrea is still connected to the company these days, providing the current designers with a lot of advice. He does this, among other things, to guarantee the manner of making shoes that he started almost 50 years ago. The distinctive features of the Santoni sneakers have remained unchanged over the years. Quality, passion for details and handmade craftsmanship remain the core elements of Santoni.

The production of Santoni sneakers

Andrea Santoni started his own workshop in the town of Corridonia, a small town in the center of Italy. Nowadays the company has grown into an international icon and since 2011 it has opened a new factory. All shoes are made by hand under one roof.

The leather of the Santoni shoes comes from calves that roam freely in the Alps. Andrea Santoni chose the leather of these calves because the structure is very strong, thin and flexible. This is due to the environment where the calves are located. The temperature in the Alps can fluctuate enormously. Due to these fluctuations, the skin of these calves is resistant to both high and low temperatures, making the leather of this high quality.

The range of sneakers

Our range of Santoni sneakers consists of different models of sneakers, all of which are immediately available. This is possible because we have one of the largest stocks of Santoni sneakers. Vousten Shoes is therefore also an important and official partner of Santoni.

All Santoni sneakers that we have in our range are of high quality leather or nylon and handmade in the factory in Corridonia. So you can choose between high and low Santoni sneakers that are all provided with a lacing and have an ideal fit.

In addition to the stylish Santoni shoes at Vousten, you will also find accessories such as matching Santoni belts and Santoni bags

You are welcome to admire our collection and to fit it in our store in Schijndel. Together we discuss your wishes while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and we come to the perfect sneakers for you. When you order Santoni sneakers online, our customer service is ready for all your questions. The shoes are shipped worldwide within 24 hours so that you can quickly enjoy your beautiful Santoni shoes.

Santoni sneakers

Our specially colored soles

Santoni leather types

About calf leather, heifer leather, suede and exotic leather types

Santoni AMG Lewis blue (38285)
€ 690,00
Santoni AMG Lewis (38286)
€ 690,00
Santoni Ege (38263)
€ 549,95
Santoni Tibe (38257)
€ 450,00
Santoni Jelle (37348)
€ 520,00
Santoni Tibbe (37352)
€ 590,00
Santoni Douwe (37349)
€ 520,00
Santoni Fosse (37338)
€ 450,00
Santoni Jurre (37346)
€ 450,00
Santoni Melle (37351)
€ 520,00
Santoni Bauke (37344)
€ 490,00
Santoni Wide (37345)
€ 490,00

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