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Santoni Loafers


Santoni's loafers

Santoni loafers are slip-on models that have been made by hand since 1975 by the Santoni family. In their own factory in Italy, near the town of Corridonia, every day all Santoni shoes are made with the highest accuracy. Founder Andrea and his son Giuseppe ensure that every Santoni loafer who leaves the factory is in perfect condition. They are so passionate about this that every Santoni shoe gets a personal check. This includes looking at defects in the leather with a magnifying glass.

The leather of the Santoni loafers

Each pair of Santoni loafer goes through an intensive, lengthy and artisanal process before you can eventually wear them around your feet. The leather of Santoni loafers comes from the Pink calf. The Pink calves graze freely on the high Alpine pasture. Because the temperatures during the day and at night can vary considerably, these calves have developed an extremely strong skin. Because these calves graze freely on the flanks of the Alps, they are also not fed and eat what the Alps offer them. Calves being fed develop a growth spurt so that they grow quickly and can be slaughtered. The Pink calves selected by Santoni didn't have a growth spurt so that the veins in the skin remain well closed and the pores are not too large. This is reflected in the quality of the leather.

The Santoni suede loafers

The Santoni suede loafers are also made of the best quality leather. Suede is a type of leather where the upper layer is removed. This makes the surface of the fabric a lot softer. So it’s a bit less durable but has more comfort and a different look.

Santoni assortment at Vousten

In addition to Santoni loafers, Santoni also makes other luxury shoes. Almost all Santoni shoes that leave the factory can be found in the Vousten range. For example, you can go to Vousten for the most beautiful Santoni sneakers, Santoni AMG and Santoni Boots. You will also find a wide range of accessories at Vousten, such as Santoni belts and Santoni bags. We can realize this because we have been an official Santoni sales partner for several years.

Choose the right size

In our beautiful store in Schijndel we are happy to tell you more about the world of Santoni and the story behind the shoes. That way you can easily fit your favorite shoes. Santoni uses the dimensions from the United Kingdom as standard, so you have to check which shoe size you need. With our handy Santoni size guide you can easily see which size is best for you.

Santoni Ytsen Brown (38260)
€ 589,95
Santoni Ytsen blue (38265)
€ 589,95
Santoni Oek blue (38259)
€ 589,95
Santoni Reitze (38256)
€ 570,00
Santoni Clooney mid brown (37353)
€ 720,00
Santoni Deen (37343)
€ 530,00
Santoni Siep (37342)
€ 520,00
Santoni Fosse (37338)
€ 450,00
Santoni Jorn (37339)
€ 450,00
Santoni Liewe (37341)
€ 520,00
Santoni Dago (36721)
€ 570,00
Santoni Joven (36722)
€ 570,00

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