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The story of Santoni leather.


Santoni shoes are made of a very high quality leather from one year calfs (Pink). A Pink is a stage between calf and cow. These one year old calves graze in the Alps at an altitude of over 1600 meters. For the following reasons:

Within a day, the temperature can rise to 30 degrees in the afternoon and at night drop to -5 degrees. By this temperature difference the skin developes into a huge solid and strong structure but also thin and flexible enough to make an extremely high quality shoe.

These animals do not get supplementary feeding, they graze the pastures and eat grass, herbs and flowers, by the lack of hormones that are added food chunks, these animals do not come in a growth spurt. As a result, the grain of the leather remains pretty closed and miniscule small pores.

The absence of barbed wire and pesky insects make the skins virtually undamaged because minor inflammation can cause almost invisible damages in the leather, in most shoe factories damages are camouflaged by coatings, however Santoni disapproves these skins,  only 10% of the available skins pases Santoni strict selection. Eventually, only a narrow strip on the back of this Pink is used for the manufacture of beautiful Santoni shoes, the remainder is used for belts and bags.

Santoni's supplier of these high quality skins, the Italian firm Bonaudo and from Germany Weinheimer.