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Are Santoni shoes comfortable?


For the answer to this question, we can actually be quite brief. Santoni shoes are certainly comfortable. However, people often think that all leather shoes give you sore feet and that they are far from comfortable. It is often a wrong image that people have with leather shoes. In this article we explain why handmade leather Santoni shoes for men are very comfortable and what the good characteristics are exactly.

What makes Santoni shoes comfortable?

Santoni shoes are handmade by real craftsmen and therefore fit the feet perfectly. All men's shoes are made of leather from calves. This leather is literally scrutinized beforehand to study it closely for any defects. This way Santoni is sure of good and comfortable leather for all shoes that are made by hand. 

The inside and outside of leather shoes

Santoni has also thought carefully about the inside of the shoes. For example, the soft side of the leather is worn on the inside and the somewhat harder side is worn on the outside. An exception applies to the Santoni loafers, also known as the Santoni loafers. This leather comes from Pink calves. Here, the inside of the leather with a brushed structure is used for the outside of the shoe. Also the inside of this shoe has soft leather that feels comfortable on the feet.

The good qualities of leather shoes

Leather has many good properties. Leather ventilates well and because of this nice property, the chance of getting sweaty feet is very small. Leather lets the sweat through, which prevents bacteria from forming and your shoes from smelling. Does anyone recognise a day when they have stood up a lot and get incredibly sore feet? The good characteristics of leather in Santoni shoes also ensure that your feet won't get sore easily, so you can wear the shoes all day without getting sore feet.

The soles of Santoni shoes

One of the most important points that makes a shoe comfortable is the sole. This is the bottom of the shoe that you walk on all day. The shoe of top quality leather may be comfortable, but the sole is just as important. Santoni has several types of soles that fit the type of shoe. The vulcanic sole, blake sole, goodyear sole and the Norwegian sole. Read all about the advantages and disadvantages of the various sole designs in the article about all Santoni soles.

Do you have to break in leather Santoni shoes?

Everyone recognises it: shoes that you have to walk in for a long time and which often result in sore feet and blisters. When walking in the Italian Santoni shoes, we estimate the risk of painful feet to be small. At Santoni, comfort and quality always come first. Therefore all shoes are hand made and each shoe has a perfect fit. The Santoni shoes form themselves perfectly around your feet just by walking in them a few times.

Do Santoni shoes fit normally?

The shoes of Santoni are a little wider than normal. Take about half a UK-size smaller than your own shoe size. As the leather is still a bit stiff in the beginning, it needs time to shape perfectly around your feet. Look for the right shoe size that fits your feet in the Santoni size chart.

What are comfortable Santoni shoes?

Santoni has different types of shoes. All types of shoes by Santoni are known for their comfort, among other things. Prefer a sporty look? Then go for the comfortable Santoni sneakers. Here you can walk all day in comfort with a fine footbed and a fittingly good sole. Does your preference go to a decent shoe? Then the Santoni lace-up and buckle shoes are for you. These are also seen as the classic shoes of Santoni. Both the sneakers and the lace-up and buckle shoes are made of calf leather that is resistant to high and low temperatures. This makes the shoes very flexible and comfortable for every season. Do you prefer an easy shoe that is nevertheless neat and comfortable? Then take a look at the charming Santoni loafers.

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