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History of Santoni; from a small studio to a global brand


Santoni's story fits the luxury brand that is Santoni. Andrea and Rosa, founders of Santoni shoes, founded their studio in 1975. Their goal was to create perfect state-of-the-art shoes for true connoisseurs and therefore produce shoes that were made and sold exclusively in their own workshops. Andrea Santoni gradually expanded the brand and his studio became too small. After a while only producing shoes from his studio, it was decided to move to a larger building. Today, Santoni shoes are made in a completely eco-friendly factory. All processes outside the workplace have remained the same.

Who is founder Andrea Santoni?

After nearly 20 years of shoe making experience, Andrea Santoni decided to open his own workshop in 1975 to produce top quality luxury men's shoes, inspired by the philosophy of Italian craftsmanship. From a small workshop at the beginning, to a large company with almost 500 employees.

Andrea Santoni is a man who remains in contact with his master shoemakers to this day, who have since taken over most of Andrea Santoni's work. Andrea believes in the philosophy of keeping everything "under one roof", in order to guarantee quality and perfection, and to transfer the authentic techniques of the most experienced craftsmen to the younger shoemakers.

Changing of the guard

Born in 1968, Giuseppe Santoni was still a child when his father Andrea founded the company. At a very young age, he started traveling the world to accompany the international expansion of the brand. He successfully opened new markets in Japan, China, Northern Europe and Russia to make Santoni one of the top names in Italian classic luxury shoes.

Around 2013, Giuseppe Santoni took over the company from his father. As CEO of Santoni, he focuses on further expanding the brand and preserving traditional values, combined with a healthy drive for innovation.

His collaboration with IWC Schaffausen and Mercedes AMG (the Santoni AMG collection) in recent years is the result of his own passion and drive to further position the Santoni brand. Above all, these collaborations stem from his admiration for precision and excellent technique.

A lover of speed, discovering the world and sophisticated watches, the Santoni brand is the ideal place for him to further develop his interests and experiment with new formulas. Giuseppe Santoni a man who loves both tradition and modern innovation. This is reflected in the collaborations he enters into and the shoe lines that Santoni releases.

Santoni products

While the Santoni shoe line initially only consisted classic buckle and lace-up shoes of Santoni and Santoni loafers, Giuseppe expanded this to include Santoni sneakers and accessories such as Santoni bags. In addition, a women's line has recently also been released. The most recent women's collection has its own and recognizable identity. The Santoni women's shoes have been carefully designed to create a chic, cosmopolitan style.

Every pair of shoes that leave the Santoni factory in Corridonia has been carefully checked for the most minute imperfections and other problems. It even seems to go so far that the shoes are checked with a magnifying glass.

The leather used by Santoni

The leather that Santoni uses for her shoes comes from Pink calves. These Pink calves graze freely on the Alpine pasture. The reason Santoni chose the leather of these calves is the quality of the skin. Due to temperature differences and the fact that they are not fed, the skin of the Pink calves remains very tight and without folds.

Read more about the leather used for the Santoni shoes here.

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